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Ordering an internet service in the broadband network portal


  1. Connect your computer to the network socket in your home with a regular network cable.
  2. Open your browser (eg Internet Explorer). The ordering page should open up automatically. If not, enter www.viaeuropa.se in the address field. You have access to the ordering page even without an Internet subscription, however you cannot access any other webpage until you have activated an internet subscription.

Read about the internet services
Click on Services (Tjänster) in the menu ans select the category “Internet”. Here you will see a price list where you can easily compare the Internet services from different providers in the open city network. You can sort the services in different ways, like price or provider.

Click a service to read more detailed information (Läs mer).  

Ordering Internet service

If you want to order a service, click the Order button (Beställ). Then click the New Customer button (Ny kund).

Step 1/5: Personal Information (Personuppgifter)
Fill in your personal information. Phone numbers and address can be used to contact you in support cases. Forename (Förnamn), Last name (Efternamn), Social Security Number (Personnummer), Address (Adress), Postal number (Postnummer), City (Ort), Telephone number (Telefonnummer), E-mail (E-mail). Then click the Continue button (Fortsätt).

Step 2/5: Portal Account (Portalkonto)
Type a User name (Användarnamn) and Password (Lösenord) that you want to use to log in to the portal. This is used when you later want to administer your Internet service, such as changing speed or supplier. Then click the Continue button (Fortsätt).

Step 3/5: Subscription Details (Abonnemangsdetaljer)
Enter the date you want the service to be activated. Today's date is pre-filled (Rekommenderat), which means that the service will be activated immediately. If you want the service to be activated at a later date, select the other radio button and fill in a date in the other box  (Eget val). Then click the Continue button (Fortsätt).

Step 4/5: Validate data (Bekräfta uppgifter)
Check that your specified details are correct. Please read the terms and check the box that signifies your acceptance of them. Click Confirm and Send (Bekräfta och skicka).

Step 5/5. Thank you for your order! (Tack för din beställning!)
Your new internet service will now be activated on the date you selected.



Click Services (Tjänster) in the menu, and then click the category Telephony (Telefoni). Here you will get an overview of telephone services in the network. Click a service to read more. When you click the Order button you will generally be redirected to the provider's website for ordering. Some telephony services must be ordered in the portal, similar to an Internet service. 

Administering services

Log in to the ordering page with the login information that you provided when ordering the Internet Service. If you forget your login details you can get them by contacting your service provider.

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